Bowen Wedding Portrait


Wedding portrait of the happy couple William Booker Bowen and Ada Evelyn Smith. They were married 4 January 1899 in Denton County, Texas.




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Death By Pellagra



Image Source: FamilySearch

Ada Evelyn Smith, born 23 January 1879 in Denton Texas, was the daughter of Chilton Lycirgus Smith and Amanda Phelps. She married William Booker Bowen 4 January 1899 in Denton County, Texas. Ada passed away at the age of 50 on 3 June 1929 in Amarillo, Texas. She died of Pellagra, a disease caused by niacin (vitamin D-3) deficiency.


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Bowen Family Portrait

bowenfamily.jpg (642×587)

L to R: Walter A. Bowen, William Booker Bowen, Ruby Gene Bowen, Faybelle Bowen Campbell, Merle G. Campbell (little girl), Jesse Edwin Bowen, Luanda Bowen, Catherine Campbell, Roscoe Campbell.


This Bowen family picture dates circa 1922. The location is most likely in Wise County, Texas.

Walter A Bowen and William Booker Bowen are brothers. They are sons of William Woodson Bowen who fought for the Confederate Army during the American Civil War and Mary Jane Goss.

Faybelle, Jesse, Ruby Gene, and Luanda are siblings. The only one missing from the picture is Carl Booker Bowen.

Roscoe Campbell is Faybelle’s husband, and the two little girls Merle and Catherine are her daughters.




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