George Lowe Family

Lowe Family Portrait: George J. Lowe and his wife Jemima Jane Colbaugh. I am not sure of the year this portrait was taken or who the two boys are standing. I suspect they are the taller boy is Stephen Kitzmiller Lowe and the shorter one is Grant Joseph Lowe.

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Lowe’s Tavern


Built by Jacob Lowe, Sr. between 1810 and 1830, the tavern and stagecoach stop. The tavern was located in the little town of Pandora Tennessee along old stagecoach road in the Cherokee National Forest. The picture dates around 1898 with Jacob Lowe’s descendants still in possession of the place.



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Tennessee Marriage Record



Image Source: FamilySearch



Tennessee has surprisingly good resources for genealogy researchers. These include extensive marriage records. On Family Search (a free LDS site) has over a million records in their Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950 database. In this database, there are images you can view and save to your computer.

Looking at an image of the original document is valuable. You may find transcribing errors or pick up a tidbit of information that can help you in your research.

This database is invaluable for anyone researching their Tennessean roots.

The marriage record above belongs to Steven Kitsmiller Lowe and his bride, Pearl Myers. Their marriage took place on 23 June 1907 in Carter County, Tennessee.

Steven Kitsmiller Lowe was born 10 February 1881 in Carter County, Tennessee. He was the son of George J. Lowe and Jemima Jane Colbaugh.

Pearl Myers Lowe was born 20 August 1889 in Tennessee. I have not researched Pearl’s family, and I do not have much background information for her.

Steven and Pearl had two daughters, Edith (b. 1908) and Ethel (b. 1910) both born in Carter County, Tennessee

Around 1912, They family pulled up stacks and moved across the country to Southern California, Kings County. Making their home around the small town of Lemoore where they stayed for the rest of their lives.

If you are researching your family tree in Tennessee, take a look at the Family Search Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950 database. It is free and provides helpful information.


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Death Record of Eliza Jane Lowe


Eliza Jane Lowe, the daughter of George J. Lowe and Jemima Colbaugh, passed away on 27 Apr 1924 in Carter County, Tennessee at the age of forty-seven years old. According to her death certificate, she is buried in the Grindstaff Cemetery in Carter County, Tennessee along with her parents.

Mystery surrounds Eliza Jane. In 1903 when she was twenty-six years old, she married Dr. Robert Ferguson. Two years later they had a daughter named Stella. However, by 1920 when Stella was fifteen years old she went by the name Stella Lowe. Many questions remain unanswered.


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The Lowe/Johnson Connection


President Andrew Johnson

As with all families, there are bigger-than-life stories of famous relations that may or may not contain grains of truth. The job of the family historian is to sift through the legends to find pieces of fact. Case in point, my husband’s Lowe family have such a tale; a connection to President Andrew Jackson. After hours of digging, I found the family was not related to Andrew Jackson, however, there were a few grains of truth in the story. The Lowe family had a connection to the Presidency. Instead of President Andrew Jackson, it was a President Andrew Johnson that branched into their family tree.

The mix-up and confusion are understandable, Rebecca Jackson wife of Jacob Lowe, Jr. is undoubtedly related to the Jackson family, although, not to Andrew Jackson. Her Jackson family had a long history in Long Island, New York. President Andrew Jackson’s father immigrated from Antrim County, Ireland. If there was a connection between the two Jackson families it is distant indeed.

However, the Lowe family can claim a connection to President Andrew Johnson. The twisted connection is not a direct relationship rather one through marriage. The lineage is as follows, Andrew Johnson had a daughter named Mary Johnson, born in 1833 the third of three children, who married Daniel Stover, Jr.


Mary Johnson, daughter of President Andrew Johnson

Daniel Stover Jr. was the youngest brother of Jemima Stover, who married Teter Nave. Teter Nave and Jemima Stover’s daughter, Levica Nave, married Henry Colbaugh. They had a daughter, Jemima Colbaugh, who married George J. Lowe. George was the son of Jacob Lowe, Jr. and Rebecca Jackson.


George J. Lowe and Jemima Colbaugh

If you have ever played the game Telephone, you can see how the family legend grew. I hope this clears up the confusion about the Lowe Family connection to the US Presidency.

As a final note, Tommy Lee Jones looks a lot like President Andrew Johnson.


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Three Kingsport Men



Three Kingsport Men

2 March 1946

Three Kingsport men, including in a list of nine East Tennesseans, recently received honorable discarges at the Camp Chaffee Personnel center, Camp Chaffee, Ark.

Kingsport men were: Pvt. James M. Collins, 80 Dale Street; Sgt. George E. Cloud, Route 6: T/3 Robert W. Hagie, 137 Warpath Drive.

Other East Tennesseans were: T/4 Charles E. Hale, Route 4, Johnson City; M/Sgt. Charles F. Weaver, 1503 E. Uriaka Street, Johnson City: Pfc. Roby B. Lowe, 108 E. Main Street, Johnson City; Sgt. Wade H. Carter, Route 4, Jonesboro; T/5 Cecil V. Kilby, 510 W. Main Street, Johnson City.


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