Arabella Bowen Franklin’s Death Record


Arabella Bowen Franklin is the youngest daughter of Ahab Bowen and Mary Lyon Easley. She was born on 25 Dec 1856 in Missouri, more than likely in Bolivar, Polk County, where her father Ahab owned the Franklin Hotel. After the Civil War, the Bowen family moved to Texas where Arabella married James B. Franklin in 1882.


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Death Certificate of Ferdinand Welke



Ferdinand Welke was the son of Karl August Welke and Euphrosine Gurke. Ferdinand was born 10 Jul 1896 in what is today Dubeczno, Wlodawa, Lubelskie, Poland. The area where the Welke family lived at the turn of the 20th century was considered part of Russia. After World War I conditions was horrible and paranoia ran rampant. What remained of the Welkes decided that it was time to join their older sister in the United States. In the fall of 1920, Ferdinand immigrated to America, trekking across the continent to arrive in Portland, Oregon. He made his home in Oregon for many years then moved north to Roslyn, Washington, his final home.


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John Thomas Guthrie’s Death Certificate


John Thomas Guthrie died 1 May 1962 at Parkview Baptist Hospital in Yuma, Arizona. His usual residence was on College Street in Gadsden Arizona. He was male, Caucasian and widowed. He was 83 years old at the time of death, born 21 Jan 1879 in Arkansas. John was a retired rancher. His father is listed as Samuel T. Guthrie  born in Arkansas and his mother, Jane White born in Arkansas. John died of a Cerebral Hemorrhage. The informant for his death certificate was his daughter Margaret M. Blohm.


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