Reinhold and Martha Dargatz


Martha Jesse and Reinhold (Roy) Dargatz visiting family in Ronald, Washington



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Reinhold Dargatz Border Crossing


Name: Reinhold Dargatz

Arrival Date: 25 Nov 1933

Port of Arrival: Eastport, Idaho

Age: 32

Birth Place: Millet, Alberta

Birth Country: Canada

Gender: Male

Race/Nationality: German

Record Type: Cards


Border crossing cards between the United States and Canada is an excellent way to track the movements of ancestors.

Reinhold Dargatz was the son of German immigrants. Herman F. Dargatz and Amelia Klukas immigrated from Hamburg German in 1895. They made their home in Millet Alberta where they had a large family.

Reinhold married a lady by the name of Martha M. Jesse in Oregon where they made their home.


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Headstone of Albert Dargatz

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Albert Dargatz was born in Germany on 24 Dec 1857. He was the son of Carl Dargatz, Sr. and Johanna Miske.

He married his wife Rosa Peters, who was born in what is now Poland, around the year 1881.

Then in 1893 Albert and his family immigrated to the United States.

By the 1900 US Federal Census, they were living in Buena Park, Orange County, California.

Albert passed away on 16 Jul 1941 in Orange County, California. His grave is located in Anaheim Cemetery in Anaheim, California.


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Dargatz Brothers



Reinhold (Roy) Dargatz and Herman Dargatz, Jr. were the sons of Herman F. Dargatz, Sr. and Amelia Klukas. Herman and Amelia were immigrants from Germany/Russia. In the spring of 1895, the Dargatz family made the perilous trek across the Atlantic Ocean, across eastern Canada to settle down in the Millet Northwest Territories area. Today, Millet is in Alberta, just south of Edmonton.

Roy and Herman Dargatz were two brothers out of fifteen children, thirteen of whom lived to adulthood. That is an incredible survival rate. Roy, born 30 Jan 1901, was older (child number 6) than Herman (child number 10) who was born 5 May 1908. This picture was taken in the latter half of the 1920s. Both brothers grew up to have families of their own. Today, the Dargatz family flourishes in Canada.


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