Julia Ellen Rasor


Julia Ellen Rasor born 1881 in Carter County Tennessee




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J. R. Findsen

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Photograph of the Week


Jemima J. Colbaugh Lowe

Jemima was a small woman with a stout pioneering heart. She was the daughter of Henry J. Colbaugh and Levica Nave. Jemima was born 2 February 1847 in Northeastern Tennessee, where she lived out¬†her whole life. On New Year’s Eve 1865, just after the Civil War had ended,¬†eighteen year old Jemima married a dashing young 13th Tennessee Calvary man, George J. Lowe. The petite woman birthed ten children and lived to tell the tale. This picture was taken in Carter County Tennessee in the early 1900s, making Jemima’s age about sixty.

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J.R. Lowe