Research Services

research 1a

The Initial Fee – $150.00


  • Compiling information from the client.
  • Four hours of preliminary research to confirm information from the client.
  • Work towards client objectives.
  • A Summary of findings and recommendations for further research.

Hourly Rate – $40.00 per hour

The hourly rate beyond what is covered by the Initial Fee (the first four hours) is $40.00. How many hours a project will take will depend upon the needs of the client and the availability of records. For example, researching an entire ancestral tree will take more time than research on an individual.

Additional fees may include documents and microfilm records. Occasionally the ordering of documents (i.e., birth and death certificates and marriage records, etc.) and microfilm may be needed for proper sourcing. Before ordering a necessary document, I will contact the client for confirmation.

Methods of Payment

Payment at this time can be made with Cashier’s checks or money orders. Upon contact I will provide you with a mailing address.