Genealogy on a Budget


Genealogy is expensive. No longer is researching your family tree the pastime of a greying generation grabbing at echoes from the distant past.

Now it is mainstream to connect with your ancestors, to learn about those who came before you.

Large online genealogy companies have capitalized on this new fascination expanding their databases. Interested in getting in on the action, new online companies have popped up as competition promising instant family trees, dazzling new researchers with colorful, intuitive websites and a tiny handful of appetite-wetting free databases.

There is no way around it at some point researching your ancestral tree is going to cost money, lots of it, unless you know your way through the genealogy maze.

What makes me a savvy navigator of the maze with the ability to come out on the other side with money still in my pocket? You are assuming I made it out. That is far from the truth. I live in the labyrinth of genealogy. I never left. WHAT?

My knowledge of the genealogy maze comes from 20 years of weaving around money landmines in the quagmire of trial and error.

Genealogy is a vast maze-like puzzle. It is easy to get lost or stuck behind a wall; you know those pesky brick walls. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at family history, hints and tricks from a different perspective can help.

Here are some tricks I have learned while navigating in the genealogy labyrinth.


The tips will soon be here. Please check back.