Hi. My name is Jenny Findsen. I am a full-time Master’s of History student at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington and the next generation family historian.

From Passion to Profession
I was introduced to genealogy by my mother who was the family historian. In 1998 when I realized I was about to bring the next generation of our family into the world, I decided to take up the historian torch, ever since genealogy has remained my number one passion. My goal as a historian (professionally and privately) is to bring the past to life.

Why Genealogist Journal?
I sincerely believe in sharing and cooperative efforts for preserving family history. The Genealogist Journal is dedicated to sharing photographs, documents and stories to help others connect with their ancestry.

In 2012, I started the Genealogist Journal as a way to share genealogy with family members. The website is continually growing and changing. Today, Genealogist Journal is progressing towards becoming an archive of photographs and personal writings.

Genealogist Journal is a free site and archives for those who wish to connect with their past.

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Just for fun

I adhere to the Genealogical Standards and the Genealogist’s Code written by the Board For Certification Of Genealogists in all my genealogical research.

Thank you for reading.

J R Findsen