Yearbook: Roy David Pinkerton


Roy David Pinkerton


While browsing through the Ancestry school yearbook project, I was delighted to find a picture of Roy David Pinkerton. Roy is my first cousin three times removed. He attended the University of Washington, Tacoma campus. Here it is 107 years later, and I am attending the same institution, the University of Washington in Seattle.

Roy was a journalist and started a newspaper in Ventura California called the Ventura County Star.



University of Washington Tacoma, 1911

Roy David Pinkerton was born 28 June 1885 in Minnesota, to Henry David Pinkerton and Harriet Newton. He was the grandson of David M. Pinkerton, Jr. and Mary Ann Hitchcock, our common ancestor.
In the early 1900’s Roy attended the University of Washington in Tacoma majoring in Liberal Arts and worked on the Daily Pacific Wave, a school newspaper.




I always find enjoyment in putting a face with a family name. Yearbooks are a great way to see pictures of family members that have passed on.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Findsen

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