Londonderry Pinkertons



The following is an excerpt from:

The History of Londonderry, Comprising the Towns of Derry and Londonderry, N. H.

by Edward Lutwyche Parker

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The ancestor of this family, John Pinkerton, came from the county of Antrim, in the north of Ireland, to this town, in 1724. He settled upon a farm in the West Parish of Londonderry, and died in 1780, at the age of eighty. He left five sons; David and John, who were born in Ireland, Matthew, Samuel, and James; and four daughters; Mary, Elizabeth, who married Deacon James Aiken, Rachel, and Jane, who married Deacon David Brewster.

Of David and Samuel we have no particular information.

Matthew lived and died in Londonderry. He had three sons; the late Lieutenant John Pinkerton, who held for some years offices of trust in the town, and was the father of George W. Pinkerton, Esq., of Manchester, N.H., James, Who resides in Derry, and David, who settled in Boscawen.

A brief sketch of John, the second son, and of James, the youngest, has been already given. They were benefactors to the town, and deserve to be had in remembrance. The following is a brief genealogical statement of their families:

Major John Pinkerton married, for his first wife, Rachel Duncan, by whom he had five children; namely, Polly, Naomi, Betsey, John and Esther. Polly married Alexander MacGregor, and had one child, John P., who was adopted by Major Pinkerton.

For his second wife, he married Polly Tufts, but has no children by her.

Deacon James Pinkerton married, for his first wife Elizabeth Nesmith, daughter of John Nesmith, by whom he had six children, as follows: Isabella and James, both of whom died in infancy; Betsey, who married John Aiken, son of Deacon Nathaniel Aiken, and died in 1837; Jane who married Joshua Aiken, brother of John Aiken; Mary B., who married Captain William Choate, and Clarissa, who married Robert E. Little.

Deacon Pinkerton married, for his second wife, Sarah Wallace, daughter of Samuel Wallace, and by her had four children, as follows: Rebecca W., who married Perkins A. Hodge; Francis C., who married Hon. Luther V. Bell; David H., who married Elizabeth Aiken, and John M., who is a counsellor at law, and resides in Boston, Mass.


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