What’s In Your Shoebox?


Like many in the genealogy world, I utilize Ancestry from time to time. We all know Ancestry has a sizeable database that is enticing and is expensive.

Also like many genealogists I have limited funds. Sadly, my genealogy budget is tiny.

To keep costs down, as far as Ancestry is concerned, I keep my free account only paying for premium membership on a month to month basis as needed. I spend more per month; however, I save big throughout the year.

One of the features of Ancestry I use during my paid months is the Shoebox. For those of you who don’t know about the Ancestry Shoebox, it is a place where you can send bookmarked records for another time or if you are not sure a record applies to your tree.

Lately, my shoebox seems forgotten. This morning I scrolled down to the bottom of my Ancestry home page. There was the shoebox, neglected for quite some time.

I almost cringed as I clicked to open the shoebox. How many records are waiting for my attention? The number of pages at the bottom of the screen was mindboggling.

Eighteen pages!

At about ten records a page it means there are 180 records to sift through. That is days worth of work.

The bookmarks date back to summer 2013. Slightly horrified and sheepish are the words that come to mind.

To keep my shoebox in mind, I moved it up to the top of my home screen. Yes, you can customize your Ancestry home page to fit your needs.

Now, the shoebox is eye level reminding me of the records awaiting my attention.


New Genealogy Goal: Clean out my Ancestry Shoebox before the end of the year.

If you have an Ancestry account, ask yourself what is in your shoebox? What useful record is waiting for rediscovery?

What is your Shoebox number?





Thank you for reading,

J. R. Findsen

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