Arabella Bowen Franklin’s Death Record


Arabella Bowen Franklin is the youngest daughter of Ahab Bowen and Mary Lyon Easley. She was born on 25 Dec 1856 in Missouri, more than likely in Bolivar, Polk County, where her father Ahab owned the Franklin Hotel. After the Civil War, the Bowen family moved to Texas where Arabella married James B. Franklin in 1882.


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2 thoughts on “Arabella Bowen Franklin’s Death Record

  1. The death certificate copy is much appreciated. Mrs. Arabella Franklin was a relative of my husband, Carl Olin Wilson, but she died when he was 5 and he was not aware of how she was kin. He and his mom and sister were living at 4119 Cole Ave. when she died. His grandmother, Dona Marie Franklin Nesmith, AKA Sarah Caledonia Connally, wife of Olin Ellis Nesmith took care of her till she died. Was she Arabella Amborzine Bowen?


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