Spring blossoms remind me of my maternal grandmother. As a child visiting her home was a pleasure. Her house was situated in the middle of a horse shoe-shaped garden that boasted a variety of plants from pumpkins and grape vines to flowers and herbs.

Every year flowers sprang up from the dark earth. The effect was amazing. Colors and sweet scents brightened her little nook in the world. Roses and flowering trees that looked like giant snowballs stand out in my memory amongst all the varieties of flowers that graced her property. A giant willow tree provided a fairy playhouse carpeted by a lush carpet of green. During the summer produce of every type overflowed and the grandchildren had grazing privileges. Of course, those privileges were earned by weeding.


With each passing springtime flowers in bloom reminds me of my grandmother and her lovely garden. One day I hope to create vibrant memories for my own grandchildren that would show them how beautiful the world can be.


Thank you for reading.

J. R. Lowe