Genealogist Journal 5th Anniversary

Recently, 25 March 2012, Genealogist Journal celebrated its 5th Anniversary. How to commemorate the milestone? After careful thought, I decided to repost the first article. It featured a biography sketch of my third great grandfather put out by Dartmouth College.

Before we get to the first original posting, I want to thank all my readers and found family members for their support. I have enjoyed sharing my genealogical research with all of you and look forward to the next five years.


My third great grandfather was David Pinkerton, JR. He was an alumni of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire; class of 1841. While researching, I came across a biography sketch of David. Here is what it says:

David Pinkerton, the son of David and Susannah (Griffin) Pinkerton, was born at Landaff, Nov. 3, 1814. He studied divinity at And. Theo. Seem. Graduating in 1844; was ordained? Preached at Elkhorn, Salem, Two Rivers, Waupun, Fond Du Lac Co. and Maple Grove, all in Wise and now lives at Waupun without a charge. He married Ann, dau of Alfred Hitchcock of Vergennes, Vt at Galesburg, Illi. Oct. 27, 1845.


Thank you for reading,

J.R. Lowe

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