This is a great little bit of history.  I did not realize that Jaguars ranged as far north as Texas. So, I did a little digging. Michael Tewes with the César Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute has studied big cats in Texas for over twenty-five years. He gives a little history on these large felines;

“Jaguars historically ranged from the Pineywoods of East Texas to the Hill Country. There’s no indication they were numerous in Texas. Reports from early settlers were that they were occasional. Encounters with jaguars usually took place along river corridors where the first settlements in Texas popped up.”

Jaguars are the third largest cats in the world. Only lions and tigers are bigger in size. Today, jaguars range from South America to Mexico. The last know jaguar killed in Texas was in 1949, not 1904 as the article suggests.


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J.R. Lowe