Reinhold (Roy) Dargatz and Herman Dargatz, Jr. were the sons of Herman F. Dargatz, Sr. and Amelia Klukas. Herman and Amelia were immigrants from Germany/Russia. In the spring of 1895, the Dargatz family made the perilous trek across the Atlantic Ocean, across eastern Canada to settle down in the Millet Northwest Territories area. Today, Millet is in Alberta, just south of Edmonton.

Roy and Herman Dargatz were two brothers out of fifteen children, thirteen of whom lived to adulthood. That is an incredible survival rate. Roy, born 30 Jan 1901, was older (child number 6) than Herman (child number 10) who was born 5 May 1908. This picture was taken in the latter half of the 1920s. Both brothers grew up to have families of their own. Today, the Dargatz family flourishes in Canada.


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